Monday, February 2, 2009

3rd Day of CNY At Elizabeth's House

We had another family gathering at my sister Elizabeth house on the 3rd day of CNY. Elizabeth just moved into this gated communities housing not too long ago and I've been staying with her. Angela too bought a house just a few blocks away. This is a very safe area with excellent facilities and security service. After being burglarized, car got stolen right from the car porch, victim of snatch thieves twice this area is a safer environment for them. Here are some pictures of the gathering and also the surrounding area of their house.

My niece Sabrina helping out with the Pizza

My mom and nephew enjoying the food.

Marianne trying to show us she is much taller than Elizabeth :)

The chef and sou chef of the day.

My nieces waiting for their food.

The beautiful surrounding and environment of the area.

I must talk to Carlos when I go back. Maybe we should live here too after he retire :) I just love the environment here.


Kak Elle said...

wow what can I say its indeed a beautiful house with beautiful surrounding.

Ummi365 said...

cantiknya gert... i pun nak tua kat rumah macam nilah... very nice surrounding

Family First said...

This place is really awesome! I cant believe it is in KL although I live in KL!!!!

Zue Murphy said...

I like the trees and the whole set up of the environment. It soothing to the eyes. It is like you are on vacation all the time. I am sure you and Carlos make a good choice to retire here.

Anonymous said...

Wow, perfect place for retirement. I would sweet talk the hubs to retire there too!

Beachlover said...

Both your sister choose the right choice living there!! Beautiful and serene enviroment!! look like lake garden!! hope Carlos will said YES to you:)

ICook4Fun said...

Kak Elle, thank you.

Ummi, bila you nak datang to visit me here :) how nice if we can be neighbour when we tua tua :) :)

Family First, I too was surprised that we can find places like this to live in KL :)

Zue, I sure hope so but Carlos is not too keen of the weather here in Malaysia but for me its still better than the bitter cold in PA.

Dawn, how nice if we all can be neighbors :)

Lesley, the style here is very Baliness like. Very comfortabale living here :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
it's my first reading yr blog. you are such a great cook. and this place - what a nice housing area. which part of KL is this?

enjoy yr holiday!

Laracroft74 said...

Gert...can I be your neighbour too...then i'll volunteer to help you out in the kitchen.....;-))

Salt N Turmeric said...

Gert, cantiknya surrounding area dia! Macam resort rather than a housing area. If you can, do you mind telling where it is? Kot2 memang lottery ke boleh I beli satu. hehe.

ICook4Fun said...

Roza, thanks for your stopping by. This area is at Seri Kembangan :)

Laracroft74, I cook you wash up :)

Farina, this area is very resort like indeed. This area is around UPM area.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gert,
Thanks for the info. You SHOULD persuade yr hubby to buy a property here. I bet you won't regret it one bit. It's too beautiful to pass.


Anonymous said...

I chanced upon this site from your food blog...

What a beautiful residential compound. What is this development called if I may ask?

Sabrina Woon said...

haha my face is here :D while making the pizza.