Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Getting Better

Thanks you families, friends and my blog readers for your well wishes and concerned. I have been receiving phone calls, text messages for the past few days asking how I am doing. I am feeling so much better today.

I went for my blood test and the result came out negative....phew...what a sign of relief. That means I don't have to admit to the hospital. But the doctor is a bit concerned. The platelets counts in my blood are a bit on the low side so I will need to do further blood test for the next two days just to be sure it doesn't drop any further. Same goes with my white blood and red blood cells. Hopefully this is cause by the fever and nothing else. Anyway, I will do further test on this when I am back in US.

Thanks you once again for you well wishes and hopefully I will be well enough to travel back to US next week.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Under The Weather

I am feeling under the weather for the past 3 days. It happens on Friday evening when I reach home after meeting up with fellow blogger Elin. She is such a nice lady. She bought me so many goodies from Ipoh, Thank you Elin. Anyway, my whole body was aching so I took 2 panadols and went to bed. The next morning, I can’t even walk. All the joints on my body ache soooooooooo bad and I also have very high fever. Never have I experience such an excruciating pain in my whole life. I can’t even go down the stairs.

My sister took me to the doctor and when he sees me in such pain he gave me a jab right away. He is worried it might be dengue fever but it’s still too early to tell. All he can do is gave me some painkiller and something for fever and told me to wait for another 3 days to take a blood test.

Is the 3rd day today so I will be going for my blood test. Hopefully is not dengue. If its dengue I will need to be admitted. I am still having fever but the pain on all my joints is not that bad now.

Anyway, will keep you update on the outcome of the blood test

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chinese New Year Dinner

Chinese New Year is over and now I am posting about our family “lou Sang’ dinner at Unique seafood restaurant in PJ on the 7th of February . This huge Seafood restaurant ambience is akin to that of a bustling seafood market where customers can watch their preferred catch being weighed, cleaned and cooked to order.
Our very first dish is the salmon yee sang
Tossing for good health, good fortune, and good luck. with the situation of the world economy we can all only hope for the best.

The Yee Sang was surprisingly good with lots of shredded vegetables. Neither too sweet nor sour.

Here comes the whole lobster. Just look at the size of the lobster!! You choose to have it sashimi style to enjoy the natural freshness and sweetness of the lobster. It also comes with a pot of superior soup for some of us who prefer cooked lobster. It also comes with some fresh tofu, inoki mushroom and fresh vegetable. The soup was so good.

My second brother and the kids waiting patiently for the stock to boil.

My eldest brother and brother in law happily blanching the lobster for us.

The lobster was taken back to the kitchen, cut into small pieces and cooked with some creamy cheesy sauce. It was really good. The kids loves it!

The next dish, fresh steam ‘Soon Hock’ Really fresh and sweet.

Not too sure what is the name of this dish but it's fish paste stuff in chicken skin Top with some almond. Very fragrant and crispy skin. Pure Indulgence!

The next dish, baked fresh Scallops. Top with plenty of garlic! Really fresh!

Buttered Prawns. You can never go wrong with this dish. Very fragrant with the curry leaves and flavorful butter flakes. The prawns were so crispy, sweet and fresh.
A picture of me with my sister, niece and mother.

Monday, February 2, 2009

3rd Day of CNY At Elizabeth's House

We had another family gathering at my sister Elizabeth house on the 3rd day of CNY. Elizabeth just moved into this gated communities housing not too long ago and I've been staying with her. Angela too bought a house just a few blocks away. This is a very safe area with excellent facilities and security service. After being burglarized, car got stolen right from the car porch, victim of snatch thieves twice this area is a safer environment for them. Here are some pictures of the gathering and also the surrounding area of their house.

My niece Sabrina helping out with the Pizza

My mom and nephew enjoying the food.

Marianne trying to show us she is much taller than Elizabeth :)

The chef and sou chef of the day.

My nieces waiting for their food.

The beautiful surrounding and environment of the area.

I must talk to Carlos when I go back. Maybe we should live here too after he retire :) I just love the environment here.