Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Beautiful Blooms

Here are some of the beautiful blooms I took at my friend Choy's garden. Enjoy!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Yard Sale Find!

Summer is here and everywhere you will find people having yard sale and garage sale. I’ve never been to one until I came to the US. I’ve heard of it back in Malaysia but it is never popular. I guess in our culture it is never a good thing buying other people old and used stuffs. I think there is a misconception that only poor people go to yard sales or have them. I am a firm believer in one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Besides saving money, yard sale shopping helps the environment, since you don't get all that excess packaging. You also find unique items you can't just pick up at the mall. Even when you do buy something brand new, the next day it will be considered "used". We actually had a garage sale in CA just before moving to PA. We can’t bring a lot of our things with us so we decided to sell some of it and those unsold were donated to Salvation Army. I actually enjoyed it very much besides making some money from our unwanted things.

I like going to yard sale or garage sale as I enjoy looking at what people are selling and occasionally find some nice and interesting things. There was once we found a gently used love seat for Diana new apartment for $25.00. If we buy it new it will cost us around $300.00. I like buying books, recipe books, kitchen utensils, baking pans and most of all old and unique serving plates, cups and saucers. If you come to my house for afternoon tea you will find me serving you with all the mismatch pieces ha ha…

Bandit was at the yard sale too. Kids just love him.

Anyway, we went to a church yard sale last weekend. Just look at what I found there? All these for less than $15.00. Is that a good bargain or what?

3 very nice and unique ramekin.

1 set of Kaiser small muffin pans (new still in box)

A large Kaiser La Forme Bundt Pan (new with box)

5 recipe books, William Sonoma serving tray and wooden spatula.