Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Reunion Dinner on the 25th Jan 2009

Ahh! Finally, I am able to sit down to update my blog after all the baking and cooking. I was in charged of the reunion dinner this year. I completed the cookies baking on the 24th Jan. Thanks God my nieces were here to help me out. A day before the reunion I baked 3 types of cakes in the morning and after that I’ve been slicing, dicing, mincing, wincing the whole afternoon getting ready for the big feast the next day. Got up really early to start my cooking the next day and after that packed everything to take it to my mom's house. Here are some pictures I took during the reunions dinner. I am really happy that everyone in the family enjoyed the food.

Some of the dishes

This year organic 'Yee Sang'

Broccoli with mushroom and abalone

Fried wanton

'Eight Treasure' stew chicken

Stephanie busy setting up the dining table.


I just noticed somedishes missing from the table. The steamed fish and prawns (it's still at the steamer :)

Tossing the Yee Sang together.

Look at all the happy faces :)

Relaxing after the dinner. Me and Marianne.

Relaxing after the full stomach :)
Another round of prep work today. Everyone will be coming to my sister Elizabeth house for steamboat dinner this evening. I better get going. Have to take a shower and drive to Jaya Jusco for some shopping. See you!!


Kak Elle said...

Gong xi fa cai Gert...so much food:)

Agnes CF Lee said...

I told my husband, Chinese New Year is all about eating eating & eating with friends and family, looking forward to see more delicious food in your posts..

Anonymous said...

jealous :(


Anonymous said...

I feel the CNY atmosphere from ehre, Gert. Nothing beats having gatherings and makan sessions with the family.

Zue Murphy said...

Very festive event. You are all look happy. Lots of food on the table too.

Beachlover said...

wow!! Gert,you head chef huh? kesian go back also must cook but never mind la,if that make everybody happy,it's really worth it! your delicious foods make me think of my mom cooking.. your yee sang look so interesting! wish I'm in KL now:(

Dee said...

after so many years, you still like to sit at the small old spot on the couch!

Anonymous said...

Hai Gert,
Seeing your photos here, I know how wonderful time you've been celebrating the CNY with your family members...Your makan besar looks very tempting!! :D Hopefully we'll meet in person too..muaahhhh!

ICook4Fun said...

Kak Elle, thank you.

Agnes, yeap its all about eat, eat and eat.

Amelia, sorry you can't be with us :(

Dawn, you are right. CNY is all about family and makan makan.

Zue, we do nothing but makan makan and makan :)

Lesley, I am happy to cook for everyone and its good to see them enjoying the food. Actually no cooking for me since the reunion dinner. We eat out everyday :)

Dee, I didn't even realized that I like to sit on that spot :) :) Wish you were here with us.

Ummi, too bad kita tak dapat jumpa while you were in KL :(

Deacon W said...

Thanks for ssharing this