Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Getting Better

Thanks you families, friends and my blog readers for your well wishes and concerned. I have been receiving phone calls, text messages for the past few days asking how I am doing. I am feeling so much better today.

I went for my blood test and the result came out negative....phew...what a sign of relief. That means I don't have to admit to the hospital. But the doctor is a bit concerned. The platelets counts in my blood are a bit on the low side so I will need to do further blood test for the next two days just to be sure it doesn't drop any further. Same goes with my white blood and red blood cells. Hopefully this is cause by the fever and nothing else. Anyway, I will do further test on this when I am back in US.

Thanks you once again for you well wishes and hopefully I will be well enough to travel back to US next week.


Kak Elle said...

Glad to hear u getting better yes watch the platelets count...take care

Zue Murphy said...

This is a very good news. Get lots of rest before your flight. I see you when you are back at home.

Anonymous said...

Whew, good news Gert. Take good care and see you soon.


Anonymous said...

Good to hear you are feeling better. Take it easy and rest well before your flight.
See you soon.


Family First said...

Relieved to hear this. Take good care.

drNO said...

take great care. hope u r getting better.

VG said...

So sorry to hear that you are unwell...please get better soon. It was lucky that I saw the snippet of your posting on Zue's website as I rarely visit this site of yours. take care dear and have plenty of rest okay. Hugs and kisses, Vin

Laracroft74 said...

glad to hear that everything is okay gert... the weather is extremely hot nowadays...make sure you drink lots and lots of water or 100 plus is better!!

ICook4Fun said...

Kak Elle, thank you for you concerned.

Zue, Choy, SC, thank you. I am feeling much better.

Family First & Dr No, thank you.

VG, I am feeling much better. Will write to you once I am back in US.

Laracroft, I've been resting a lot since getting sick. What I did is tidur saja :)

Anonymous said...

Gert, now I am down with a very bad fever. The doctor suspected it is dengue. It has been 4 days of high temperature and body aches for me and it feels like it's getting worse. Just hope it's not dengue.

Hope I can see you before you head off to USA. Hope I would be well enough.

Ummi said...

Hai Gert? So sorry for not being here quite long..bz like hell b4 my sister's wedding last week..Badan pun dah sakit2 segala tulang..hehe..N hope you're getting better now! So, when are you leaving for USA? Missing you so much dear! Quite sad coz unable to see you during your holidays here..huhuu

ICook4Fun said...

Wiz, sorry lah kita tak dapat jumpa. Tak apa. Lain kali saja. Hope you are better and hopefully it is not Denggi.

Ummi, I dah balik ke PA a few days ago. Tak apa. Kita jumpa the next time I balik again. Take care.