Monday, July 20, 2009

Planting Season for 2009

This year Nancy and I decided to plant some tomato plants together. Some of the plants were doing well and some are not. There were a few plants that turn yellow with brown spots on the leaves and for one plant the fruits rotten before they were ready to be picked. Not sure why is this happening. I guess it might be the unsettling weather and temperature here in PA. Hopefully someone can enlighten me on how to treat the problem with the tomato plants.

Some of the plants leaves are turning yellow.

Can someone enlighten me on what type of tomato is this. This is the first time I see tomatoes with such a weird shape. Carlos and I think it looks like a person 'behind' ha ha...

See what I mean ;)

Some of the tomatoes are ready to be picked.

Here are some of the rotting tomatoes. I must find out what is wrong with it.

Not looking good at all.

Can't wait to try out these Heirloom tomatoes.

Beside tomatoes I too planted some herbs and a few other types of vegetables.





Kaffir Lime given by S.C which she plant from seeds. See how well it is growing.

Rosemary given by S.C too.

Beautiful flowers from one of the plant. Can anyone guess what plant is this?

Here is another view of the flowers. I will be having a lot of seeds for the next season.

This year I planted some mix lettuces.

It's too crowded for them to grow properly. I should have plant them in a bigger pots.