Thursday, January 15, 2009

What have I done so far in KL?

I arrived home safely on Monday morning. The journey back was exhausting, as usual. The flight from Detroit to Japan was pretty bad and I nearly miss my connecting flight back to Singapore but it got a bit better from Japan to Singapore. So yes, life is nearly back to normal. I am almost fully recovered from the jet-lag, having taking cat naps every few hours. From the moment I arrived I was so well taken off by my family. My tummy has been filled with so many yummy foods. My nieces and nephews grown so much and all of them were much taller than me.

I started baking today and my nieces came to help me. I baked a few types of cookies today and a few more to go before Chinese New Year. I had a chance to meet up with fellow blogger Sue Sue and her children yesterday. Spoken to Ummi and also Jun and planning to meet up with them soon.

My nephew was absolutely right when he warned me about the internet service here. My Streamyx connection is super duper S L O W and it’s literally driving me up the wall

Anyway, here are some pictures I took the past few days.

My first breakfast in Malaysia


Kueh Kueh

I am so looking forward to my baking in this spanking new kitchen :)

Cooking will be done here.

Kids came over the first day I arrived

All set for my baking today.

Kids helping me out with the baking.

I will try to update this blog as much as I can. See you!!


Zue Murphy said...

Yummy food! Lucky you and now yoi are passing your baking skill to your nieces. That must be fun. Nice kitchen.

Salt N Turmeric said...

Gert, that's your kitchen in Msia? Cayalah! Takde gaya macam typical Msian kitchen. Very very nice. So i guess you're staying at your own place and not w your parents? I cant believe you're still gonna be cooking while on holidays. Kalau I lah, the most maybe twice il cook. lol.

Beachlover said...

I hope you feel better now and get to use to regular life there.So sorry to hear your jetlag and non sleep make you pengsan at KLCC..If I'm your family ,you sure freak me the hell out of my life! last year I'm glad I'm so busy running around HK when arrived and forget how to get jetlag.You got some good helper there I see!.oh !! what a yummy curry hor fun wt char siew you got there!! your sister apt really look neat and clean.oh! yes,my mom suggest she can go to your place to wrap zhang but she dunno how to drive to Cheras.You have to pick her and stuffs up at KLCC after CNY.Call her to arrange the date later.waiting to see more yummy posting!

Cat Cat said...

Looking at those yummy food - I hate you.... I hate you... Hehehe...

Ah, I can't wait to be home... but sadly we have so little time there... See you in KL, Gert.

Kiersten said...

Nice kitchen! :)

Agnes CF Lee said...

I like the kitchen o...can't wait to see the cookies that you make, don't forget to post the recipe too, can?

ICook4Fun said...

Zue, it's really good that I am able to bake with my nieces again.

Farina, ni rumah adik I. Yeah the kitchen is really moden and I really like it. I will be doing some cooking and baking but not all the time :)

Lesley, I am feeling much better and went see the doctor this evening. I will get in touch with your mother soon and arrange for something.

Cat, you get to eat all the yummy food in a few days..sabar sabar :) Have a safe journey home.

Pinky, thank you.

Agnes, the recipe for the cookies is in my blog already. You can go and check it out.

drNO said... nya..
byk nya preparation for chinese new year...

Elin Chia said...

Hi Gert,

Will call to chat with you later. Ooops din know you pengsan in KLCC. Take care. Know you are busy preparing for the CNY so din wanna disturb you. Will kacau you later.

Will fix a day to meet up after the CNY :)

Regards and Cheers,

Family First said...

Welcome back to KL. Love the new kitchen look. Is this the place you said your family moved into a gated community? Cool. Will get my new keys after CNY and am now planning for a nice simple kitchen too. Then I can start my food blog :-) Is this is Cheras? Mine too :-)

ICook4Fun said...

Dr No, tak banyak. Sikit sikit saja :)

Elin, I am alright now. Looking forward to talk and see you :)

Family First, thank you. Yea, is this place alright. This place is called Gita Bayu. Looking forward to you food blog :)

MrsNordin said...

Yes, that's a very nice kitchen!

aNIe said...

Hi Gert...its nice to know you...unfortunately the meeting yesterday was too short...anyway its fun knowing each other...

Wow!! that's a really nice kitchen...hehehe...kalau i pun tak sabar nak masak2 kat situ...

ICook4Fun said...

Mrs Nordin, thank you.

Anie, thanks for stopping by. Yea too bad kita tak ada banyak masa untuk borak borak :)