Friday, January 23, 2009

Bloggers Meeting

I met up with Cath and a few other Malaysian bloggers at KLCC on Wednesday around 6.00pm. I was so anxious and eager as this will be my first time meeting all of them except for SueSue. After years of knowing Cath it will be my first time meeting her, Robert and their cute daughters. After seeing their photos for years it's time to meet them in person. They were as cute and adorable as ever! Here are some pictures I took during the meeting.

Front : L to R Laracroaf74, Kak Sya, SueSue, Me
Back L to R Zareda, Ummi, Cath, Tulipurple, Kak Anie

The ever pretty Miss Annabel

The cute and adorable Miss Emma

Annabel with my niece Stephanie

Popular Cath so engrossed talking to her fan :)

Me and Miss Annabel (she look pretty sleepy and tired here. Cath said they were up since 4.00am that morning)
Me and my favorite blogger Ummi
We got a long so well even though some of us met only for the very first time. It was too bad that I didn't get to talk much with a few of them as they arrived late because of the heavy rain and traffic jam and Cath need to leave early because the girls were tired and sleepy. They were up since 4.00am that morning. We had a great time and hopefully I will get to see some of them again before I leave. Thank you ladies for the great time.


Ummi365 said...

it was nice meeting you gert.. ok our next project pulak ya.. bila tu?

Kak Elle said...

gert how I wish I was there too ... the fun will never end....hehehe

aNIe said...

Its's nice meeting you...tapi tu lah...kak anie lambat sampai...dpt pok pek pok pek kejap je...

Anyway...had so much fun with all of you...

Zue Murphy said...

You seems to have lots of fun! I wish I were there. You must have been busy talking and forgot to take the food pictures.

Beachlover said...

wow!! I see you all orang handal handal meeting kat KLCC,so nice.When I see the Penang store selling noodles at the food court,it's remind me of my visit there last year.Infact I know the owner who sell prawn mee.They used to be our old neighbour .Do you know how much that store make a month!! I understand the rent is about $15,000-20,000 a you figure out how many bowl of noodles soup they sell.I know what you mean when looking at Cath talking to her fan,everybody so attentive listen to her! lol!.Looking forward to more of your coming blogger meeting post..enjoy!

pearly said...

Gong hee fatt choi to you and your family .

is so great to meet up everyone glad you all have lot of fun time .

have a lovely CNY :)

ICook4Fun said...

Ummi, it was nice meeting you too. Get in touch with me yea ;)

Kak Elle, wish you were here with us too :) Aren't Cat's two girls so adorable :)

Anie, it was nice meeting you. Yea lah too bad you sampai lambat so no much time getting to know each other. Tak apa I will visit your blog :)

Zue, I did took some pictures of the food tapi tak post saja.

Lesley, finally have a chance to meet up with some bloggers :) I didn't try the food at Penang but some of us did and the prices of all the food there were EXPENSIVE! One small plate of of nasi lemak with a bottle of water cost me RM10.00.

Pearly, Gong Xi Fatt Chai to you and your family too :)