Friday, May 9, 2008

Garage Sale

Weather is getting much warmer and you can see everyone is having garage sale or yard sale. I like going to this kind of sale once a while hoping to find some nice English cups and saucers to add to my collections.

Some of the clothing
Our homeowners association organized a neighborhood garage sale last week and we decided to participate to get rid some of our junks accumulated for the past two years. We don’t have many big ticket items as we had a huge garage sale in California just before moving here. We sold about 40% of our unwanted stuff and the rest was donated it to the Salvation Army.

So last week I was busy getting ready for the sale and managed to clear up most of Diana’s and my things. As for Carlos he was holding to dear life most of his stuff and tools. This man just can’t let go of his things :)

The gloomy weather
The sale started at 8.00am but it was a bad day for the garage sale. The sky was gloomy, cold and drizzling. A few elderly people came and these people are looking for specific things like antique, furniture, jewelry. No one is interested in my books, handbags, shoes, clothing etc. By 10.00am the drizzling was getting heavier so we just packed up everything and load it up in the car trunk and took everything to the Goodwill. We only managed to sell some of my bake goods, a handbags and a suitcase. Total sale was around $23.00. What a waste of time. No more garage sale for us here but it was a good experience for Diana since it was her first garage sale.


Patricia QuiƱones said...



Anonymous said...

Bestnya your surrounding . so green.

Cat Cat said...

Looking at the pictures, all the stuff are in pretty good shape and condition. I'm surprised of the outcome - could be the weather lah, Gert. Don't give up.

I have yet to hold any garage sale but hopefully soon, as I have lots of children/baby stuff to get rid off. Robert is like Carlos, will hold on all his junks till who knows when... Geram sangat...

Kiersten said...

Gosh, I see a little of me in Carlos! I will hang on to my stuffs too until they rot LOL!

Is that a scanner I see? :) For sale still? :)

Beachlover said...

Gert,you so rajin la.I so malas to put up garage sale.I usually pack all the stuffs and drive to our nearest church.Maybe it's a good idea "garage"sale but Elliot refused to sell his "antique".He ask me to sell Mishu's play stuff and his naked GI joe!!lol!.Next week,I have to clean up our garage since I'm almost done with yard cleaning.

pearly said...

Gert :
Look at all your stuff gosh if u sale in UK boot sale all will gone in NO time .

like cath say lot of your stuff look still new and in box too .
I have to run one next week too .

ICook4Fun said...

Patricia, thanks for stopping by.

Ummi, yea is really green and nice now :)

Cat, yea all our stuff are in very good conditions but too bad tak laku :( You should have one and sell off all the baby stuff. I am sure a lot of people wants it :)

Pinky, it is a scanner :) You should learn to let go of your things if not your house will be full of clutter :)

Lesley, I am not rajib but since they are having a neighborhood sale so i also join in :)

Pearly, here not laku lah.. people here only want furniture and antique. Good luck with your next sale and hope you make a lot of money :)

Salt N Turmeric said...

ahh wish i was there. i wud def help u clear up ur stuff. lol.

Zue Murphy said...

Gert, don't give up. $23 was not bad I guess. Well, I never know for sure coz I never had one. Semua junk pun simpan dalam rumah sampai penuh and berhabuk. hahaha. Oh! On side story, a new salvation army place will be open next to dollar store here at my place. Hi, teringat la bowl besi yang kena kebas masa halloween last year. I bought it from goodwill for $1.

ICook4Fun said...

Farina, I wish you were here too. At least you can buy some of our stuff :)

Zue, if the cuaca baik that day maybe we can earn more but I bungkus everything by 10.00am and sent to Goodwill. You'll never know what you can find at this places. You might find some treasures :) :)