Monday, May 26, 2008

Tag : 8 Facts/Habits

I was tagged by Beachlover with 8 facts/habits Meme. Here are the rules:

1. Each player starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.

2. People who are tagged, write a blog post about their own 8 random things, and post these rules.

3. At the end of your post you need to tag 8 people and include their names.

4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment on their blog and tell them they’ve been tagged, and to come back and read your blog for the whole story.

Here it goes :

1. I am terrified of worms. I become immobile with fear and it would take a long time for me to snap out of it.

2. I love eating my French fries with mayo mix with ketchup.

3. I love watching reality TV and crime solving series shows like Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, Amazing Race, CSI, Criminal Mind and Cold Case.

4. I have problem with East, West, North and South when comes to driving directions.

5. I am afraid of heights and I wish I have the nerve to go for Bungee jumping or sky diving.

6. I drink only water and hardly any sugary drinks.

7. I wakes up around 6.00am everyday even on weekends. There is just something about those peaceful morning hours, and catching the sunrise over Milo or coffee, that starts my day off very nicely.

8. Dirty stove drives me crazy. I will be wiping it constantly while cooking and one day my sweater even caught fire. Thank god Diana was there if not I think I will have a 3rd degree burn on me.

I am not tagging anyone but feel free to do it if you want to.


Beachlover said...

Gert,thanks for participate this game..actually you should tag other to increase your PR or link.

ICook4Fun said...

Lesley, I didn't tag anyone because I think people are just too busy to do any tag :)

Zue Murphy said...

Gert, I still owe you the Blessing or something tag. I don't know when I will be able to complete that.

ICook4Fun said...

Zue, take you time to do the tag :)

Hazel M said...

Hi great readding your post