Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Shopping Spree

Carlos and I is not a huge shopping fan. We will normally go on a shopping spree 2 or 3 times a year. We went shopping at Lancaster outlets last week as we can get better bargains than the normal stores.

Lancaster also know at Amish or Pennsylvania Dutch Country. Here you'll discover Amish communities where life moves at a slower pace and centers around time-honored traditions and values. You'll find beautiful scenery dotted with one-room schoolhouses and wooden covered bridges, modern farm machinery being pulled behind four-and six-mule teams, homemade clothing and quilts gently blowing in the breeze, and where you'll hear the clip-clop of horses' hooves echoing down quiet country roads.

The relaxing atmosphere, the peaceful scenery, and the variety of their many unique attractions and family activities have made Lancaster County one of America's favorite vacation destinations. Over five million people visit Lancaster County each year. Many people return here year after year because they find Lancaster County so special.

You will find a lot of farm land run by the Amish people along the way

The Amish
See who we saw walking on the street. I wonder what was he doing at this time of the year :)
Very old church
Our destination

The very first store I went to :)

After this store I am almost done with my shopping :)
A trunk full of bags
With the trunk full of bags and a few hundred dollar poorer we a good for a few months.

I will be really busy this few days trying to sort out a lot of things for our neighborhood garage sale which we will be participating. Is time to get rid of some junks :)


Kiersten said...

OOOOoooOoooo....brings back good memories, Gert!

And I saw that little Coach bag! I wonder what's in there? :)

Anonymous said...

I miss those days.. gambar perempuan amish tak de ke? I dapat snap curi gambar amish people tapi don't know where they are now..

Salt N Turmeric said...

santa is on the way home to north pole! lol.
im sad tht 2 yrs i lived there, never once did i go t the amish town. menyesal!

stay-at-home mum said...

I sure remember my shopping sprees in those outlet malls in the US, esp Pennsylvania! There was this one super HUGE one called Franklin mills where i spent lots and lots of money at!! But , they were all good buys! haha.

Cat Cat said...

Aha, women can never stay away from outlet mall... We have one huge outlet mall in Williamsburg, about 45 minutes drive away from our house... Lots of branded good there. You name it, they have it.

Salt N Turmeric said...

tumpang lalu ye Gert.

Cath, thts 1 of the things tht i look forward to in VA. i wanna hit the factory outlet at williamsburg! woohoo!

ICook4Fun said...

Pinky, it's a purse :) I didn't see anything I like that day but they do have a lot of good bargain. Some of the bags less 50% :)

Ummi, I ada nampak some Amish girl tapi segan pulak nak ambil gambar dia orang. Nanti if I see them again I will take it just for you :)Dulu you tinggal kat PA jugak ?

Farina, Santa tu sesat kut :):)Is ok next you balik PA I'll take you there and makan Sho-Fly pie :)

SAHM, you were at PA too? Franklin Mills is not as huge. You should have come to King of Prussia Mall :)

Cat, this outlet is not as big and they only had a few brand which I like. My next outlet will be Woodbury in New York. There you can get Burberry, BCBG, CD etc :)

Farina, you kat VA sekarang ke? By the way we are planning out trip to CA on the 13th of June. You ada kat rumah ke?

Anonymous said...

Are you getting better? I can't log into my MSN for few night d and I think I got to re-install my laptop. Damn it, without MSN at night I can't sleep leh. Hahaha..

Salt N Turmeric said...

no, not in va yet. yup, we shud be here in CA in june. How long r u gonna be here and where will u be staying? calling2 ok?

NorthBorneoGirl said...

my favourite dream place .. outlet store! .. and a nightmare for my dearest ;D .. nice pics Gert! thanks for sharing! .. btw .. what did you get from my two favourite stores .. Coach & Banana Republic ?? ..

Beachlover said...

Gert, so syok shopping at Tanger's Outlet.My place have have premium Tanger's outlet too,it's 45 minutes drive away.So long I didn't have the chance to shop at Woodbury Outlet.It's take me 2 hours drive there...hmmm for you it's might take 4-5 hours drive to Woodbury Outlet.Maybe you should visit Apple Farm and NY state scenery as well,stay for the night.It's would be much better than just going for the outlet..I love Woodbury outlet,I remember the first time I was there,we rent a car from NYC and drive there.The toll is really expensive too.You can find anything or any brand out there!Euro brand like Versace,Gabbana and etc!!.Don't forget to give me a shout when you're going there!!

ICook4Fun said...

Sue, I am feeling better. Thank you for asking :)

Farina, will get in touch with you soon :)

Envy, I bought a purse from Coach and some tops from BR :)

Lesley, maybe we should go to Woodbury together when I go to NY. Are you up for it and we can shop and shop :) I've been to an outlet at Palm Spring which is very similar to Woodbury.