Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spring Is Here!!

Spring finally show up in this part of the country. Weather is in the 70’s for the past few days and you can see people walking in shorts and flip flop. You can hear bird chirping early in the morning, tulips and daffodils popping out from the ground and the cherry blossoms in full blooming. I can keep away all the heavy jackets and send all our sweaters to the dry cleaner. Carlos already helps me to clean up all my dead plants and I am all ready for my tomatoes planting this year. I am actually not looking forward to plant the tomatoes because of the horn worms but when I think of the sweet juicy tomatoes I just have to plant it again. One thing for sure Carlos will have to tend to the plants for me :) Beside that I plan to plant lettuce, chilies, herbs, sawi and maybe some peas.

Here are some pictures I took from the neighborhood.

Flowers on our front yard tree

Flowers from Home Depot. So which flowers do you think I should plant this year?


Anonymous said...

love those flowers in the 3rd photo. Cant remember what their called tho. :P

Ummi365 said...

Gert... tenguk flower tu buat i segar je... i love those tulips.. cantik sesangat... rasa cam nak duduk in between those flowers and take dedulu masa jadi budak nakal kat US dulu ha ha ha..

Kiersten said...

Such beautiful sights!!! I love spring! Since you have a nice patch of grass in front of your house, I think some colourful daisies would be lovely. And for the backyard...plant veges lor! Yummmm...I miss those tomatoes!

Rita Ho said...

You live in a lovely neighborhood, Gert. Lots of bright, cheery colors! Did you get any of the petunas? They look so sweet in the matching pots.

The weather here is so crappy, weather forecasters are joking we will likely see spring in July! No tulips or daffodils at all, only a handful of wannabes. Urgh!

Wishing you many happy gardening days, Gert!

Salt N Turmeric said...

Cantiknya those flowers Gert! eh r those tulips? fr top nampak lain lah pulak. i love colorful flowers. and yes, i stil remember ur fat and bountiful tomatoes. r u gonna try planting serai this yr?

ICook4Fun said...

Adrian,the flowers are tulip :)

Ummi, I suka spring because of the flowers :)

Pinky, I will plant some colorful flowers this year and hopefully those bunnies will leave it alone :)

Rita, is till cold over there? We are definitely enjoying the warm weather here :)By the way, which one is petunas :)? The no 7th pix?

Farina, I am going to plant tomatoes again but Carlos kena tend to it lah..I takut the worms. I planted serai last year. From satu batang to 6 but this year I have to remember to bring it in when its cold. Last year punya semua mati :(

Rita Ho said...

Yes, Gert ... #7 pic. If you click to enlarge view, you can see the label. That's what I did as I first thought to make sure. I thought they were morning glory at first glance.

Cold weather here still. Going to snow Friday evening through Tues but I have decided to go to the Tulip Festival and see whatever they is. :)

Cat Cat said...

I like the 2nd to last flower... They are so nice.. Is that daisy..??

Salt N Turmeric said...

Gert, hopefully u guys jadi datang in june. boleh kita meet up. u knolah weather kat cali ni all yr round hot and cold. just bring at least 2 light sweater and a slightly thicker jacket for night time.

Beachlover said...

Gert,your neighbour flower plant look so nice.I think in NY we still have the colder weather than PA.Hmmmm..I like Petunai but it's last only about Impatient?.It's nice as hanging basket as well as for border.I still don't have time to visit Home Depot yet!!..

Yatie_T said...

beautiful neighborhood. It make me feels calm just by watching all these beautiful flowers. I love flowers especially roses because it's beautiful and it also smells good.

Happy gardening, Gert!

ICook4Fun said...

Rita, I planted the petunas last year but didn't last too long. So I might plant some daisy :)

Cat, I like that flower too especially the unique color. If I am not mistaken I think it is daisy.

Farina, we should be going there in June. Carlos need a break from his work and study :) I am looking foward to see you and Michael.

Lesley, thanks for the suggestion. Will look at the impatient.

Yatie, thank you. I too like the neighborhood here. Very clean and quiet :) I too like roses a lot but susah lah nak tanam roses :)

NorthBorneoGirl said...

Such beautiful flowery pictures Gert! .. nice to know tht spring has sprung over there .. can't say much about the weather over here :( at this moment .. am not ready to plant any flowers as just yet .. until spring really ..really sprung here ..

Jun said...

all of 'em..hahaha, Gert..they're all sooo pretty!

Salt N Turmeric said...

cant wait to see u and carlos too Rita!

ICook4Fun said...

Envy, yeap spring is here and we are enjoying the 70's temperature. Look like you are still having some snow there :)

Jun, spring memang cantik.

Farina, salah nomborlah he he..I am Gert not not Rita :) :)

Salt N Turmeric said...

oh my! malunya. i dont kno why but i always do tht to u & rita tho usually i corrected it before sending the msg. hahaha. sorry ya gert.