Saturday, November 10, 2007

Top 10 Grouses of Woodworker Spouse

I came across this article from one of Carlos woodworking magazine and I think is really funny and I find my husband guilty of most of them.

10) There's never room for my car in the garage

9) He keeps bringing home pieces of wood that he's found, like stray animals. But he never uses them, so our house features an unusual 'woodpiles everywhere' decor.

8) He spends hours scouring antique shops for old tools and I'm tired of being dragged along and staring at dingy knick-knacks, worn-out furniture.

7) Nails and screws left in the pockets make an ungodly racket when they go through the washing machine and dryer.

6) A problem in the shop casts a gloomy pall over the entire house.

5) His 'good' woodworking tools are off-limits for the rest of us.

4) He's oblivious to the sawdust trail he leaves throughout the house

3) The outlines of his tape measure gets worn into the back pocket of his jeans, so people are always staring at his butt!

2) My hair is wet, I'm late for work and my hair dryer has disappeared from the bathroom. He used it to remove old glue.

1) He keeps saying he's going to build things, but all he does is buy tools.

I like to add a few more to the list.

1) He can spend hours at Home Depot, Lowe's , Habour Freight and Woodcraft.

2) Woodworking magazine everywhere i.e coffee table, family room, computer room, bedroom and basement.

3) He left a big mess at the basement and it looks like a tornado just landed there.

4) He keeps buying clamps and tools. He said a woodworker can never have enough of clamps.

5) He will go to each and every woodworking show here.

Some of their actions that seem perfectly resonable to them but to us it can be frustrating.


Beachlover said...

Aiyoh!!..Gert,you make me laugh so hard until I fall down on the floor!!At least Carlos will produce beautiful wood table out for you..Hmmm...mine banyak susah,keep giving excuse to finish one little project.Elliot hobbies not only buying tools,but buy GI Joes,then Muscle Machine Car and now Toy Gun..Hari hari ada UPS mari!!

Rita Ho said...

Hahaha! So very true, Gert. We should form a club for "woodworking widows". :)

ICook4Fun said...

Beachlover, lucky my husband only look tools and not toys. Kalau macam Elliot susah lah saya :) :)

Rita, David also like that? Maybe we should :) :)

Zue Murphy said...

Gert, I agree with beachlover, at least you will see something out of his passion. A nice coffee table or better yet an armoir. Wow! That will be really nice.

Kiersten said...

Guilty, guilty, guilty!! All of the above, and the ones you added, I have a very guilty man at home!

One day, when I get really angry I promise you, I will throw ALL his tools away, and then plead temporary insanity. :)

ICook4Fun said...

Zue, you are right. He can make all these kalau dia ada masa. Now with work and his studies susah sikit. I will be tua waiting for his coffee table and armoir :) :)

Pinky, I forgot to take you down to the basement to show you all his tools :) I don't think Jim is as bad. You are bad ...ha haaaa