Monday, November 19, 2007

Awful Weather

The weather here is just awful this past one week. Been raining and the temperature is getting cooler by the hours. Is really depressing. I have yet to see the sun for so many days. In this kind of weather is really hard to get my behind up to do some work. I just want to be on my bed and under the blanket the whole time. I still have so many things to do. Need to the clean the house, do ironing, go to the post office, supermarket and getting everything ready for Thanksgiving.

One thing I do look forward to is Black Friday. Just can't wait to shop till I drop ;-) We will be going to the Lancaster Outlets at midnight on Thursday with Nancy. Yeah, they open their stores at midnight. Carlos will be at home having his sweet sleep. He said it just doesn't make any sense to be going shopping so early in the morning.

So, any of you going shopping this Friday? Do let me know if there are good bargain out there :-)


Beachlover said...

Yes,that right this weather just make us lazy.But yesterday I just clean out my dining room,thrown away some junk,put away in garage and put up a mini Christmas tree for Mishu.I still didn't shop for Turkey and etc..thinking going now,but still infront of computer!!hahaha!.There is so many things to do during festival.hmmm...I wanna to shop at Black Friday but never have the chance bcoz I can't wake up and refused to get push..let us know what is the great deal going on,maybe I can pick my heavy axx & drive there!hehehe!!

Ehon said...

It has been so hot over here in Adelaide, Australia! It's like 37 degrees Celcius yesterday! Ughh.. I can't wait to go home to Malaysia next week!! There's always air-cond when it's hot! :)

Anonymous said...

Yup, I feel the same way too. Planning of makan dim sum and bak chang last Sunday but thanks to the cold and rainy day, aihhh... eat myself only. Looks like the temp will be a bit warmer on Thksgvg Day, hopefully the warm dim sum is ready for me to eat, yum yum. Eager to shop on Black Friday but no $$$$ no shoplah, better zzzzzzz :) Don't drink todi on Thksgvg night ok, mabuk mana boleh shop???

Cat Cat said...

Have a good Black Friday shopping... You too, let me know if there are any good bargain you found...

NorthBorneoGirl said...

weather is the same over here .. rain all the time! .. but the forecast said tht it will be sunny tomorrow .. but still too cold for me .. what to do .. am a tropical girl living in a non tropical country .. hehe

Happy Shopping on Black Friday .. unfortunately there is no Black Friday shopping here in Canada .. have to cross the border in order to do tht .. but malas because traffic will be crazy! ..

Aiyah Nonya said...

The weather here had been awful too. Looks like you have been doing some shopping.

The christmas shopping had already started here. I intend to do some shopping too before I go back to Ipoh.

Nothing like some retail therapy to lift one's mood. Who cares about the foul weather then eh ? :)

ICook4Fun said...

Beachlover, how come you are not going for the biggest shopping day of the year? Aisey, what a waste. I am sure you can get some really good bargain if you don't mind the crowd :)

Ehon, thanks for dropping by. My niece Amelia is in Adelaide too. Which part of Adelaide are you at?

Cat, are you going to Black Friday shopping?

Envy, I don't mind the rain but this has been going on for days. Is not heavy but very light drizzle and that is worst.

Nonya, over here the rain with the cold is not good. Make me too lazy to do anything. You have a good trip back to Ipoh and have a good time with your sister and parents.

Geraldine said...

Gert, have fun on Black Friday. I've just have to buy a few more toys from Costco so I'll be at home relaxing on Friday.

I too can't tahan this weather where its so gloomy and I just want to snuggle up in my bed. I've gone to Menards(its cheaper than at Lowes and Homedepot) and bought those Daylight Florescent bulbs and have replaced them in alot of my lighting. So with this daylight bulbs and a cup of coffee, I do have the kick to do things.

Salt N Turmeric said...

Gert, we bot a gps fr bestbuy last sunday for 200 (incl 2-yr warranty). i think theyv 1 under 100 (garmin's) for blackfriday. if ur looking for one, this is the time to buy. ours is magellan. michael is happy like nobody's business and declared tht its his xmas present!

Kiersten said...

*grrrrr* cold weather makes me lazy too. But it's perpetually hot in Malaysia, yet I am still lazy. Guess I'm just born with a lazy bone.

I WANT TO GO LANCASTER AGAIN!!! I WANNA SHOP ON BLACK FRIDAY!!! Hahahahahahahaha.....happy shopping, Gert, don't shock Carlos too much with all those shopping bags.

ICook4Fun said...

JOAT, thank you. I just hope the traffic will be good there.

PJ, kita dah ada GPS but didn't use it :)

Pinky, you came at the wrong time :) Should fly in this week then you can shop till you drop. I already warn Carlos about my shopping on Friday :) :)