Monday, July 20, 2009

Planting Season for 2009

This year Nancy and I decided to plant some tomato plants together. Some of the plants were doing well and some are not. There were a few plants that turn yellow with brown spots on the leaves and for one plant the fruits rotten before they were ready to be picked. Not sure why is this happening. I guess it might be the unsettling weather and temperature here in PA. Hopefully someone can enlighten me on how to treat the problem with the tomato plants.

Some of the plants leaves are turning yellow.

Can someone enlighten me on what type of tomato is this. This is the first time I see tomatoes with such a weird shape. Carlos and I think it looks like a person 'behind' ha ha...

See what I mean ;)

Some of the tomatoes are ready to be picked.

Here are some of the rotting tomatoes. I must find out what is wrong with it.

Not looking good at all.

Can't wait to try out these Heirloom tomatoes.

Beside tomatoes I too planted some herbs and a few other types of vegetables.





Kaffir Lime given by S.C which she plant from seeds. See how well it is growing.

Rosemary given by S.C too.

Beautiful flowers from one of the plant. Can anyone guess what plant is this?

Here is another view of the flowers. I will be having a lot of seeds for the next season.

This year I planted some mix lettuces.

It's too crowded for them to grow properly. I should have plant them in a bigger pots.


Beachlover's Kitchen said...

wow!! your tomato is so ripe liao!! mine is still kecil comet only:( I like the kaffir lime plant!! do you have to bring indoor during winter and place near heater?

Beachlover's Kitchen said...

oh! btw I think that flowers seed is lavender,no?

Agnes CF Lee said...

The plants look healthy, you have better green fingers than many..

Zue Murphy said...

The plants look good. Soon, you can cook and eat all of them. Do you think the tomato that look yellow need fertilizer?

Cat Cat said...

Aiyo Gert, every year I told my girls that I wanted to grow tomatoes for them, but I still haven't had a chance... What to do..? Mommy malas punya hal.

LianneK said...

Wow ...another green finger malaysian there :-) and gosh, your heirloom is looking so plump and almost ready! Can´t imagine when its fully ripe. How does it taste like compared to the normal tomatoes?

Ummi365 said...

gert, nanti i add you once i get home. kat office fb kena block lahhh.. aiya... i still belum tau you punya secret.. remember that we are suppose to meet before you left for states.. hehehe.. tak pe next year we shall continue..

ICook4Fun said...

Lesley, I already picked some of the tomatoes fir our salad. Yea the kaffir lime plant need to come in during winter.

Lesley, those are Onion flowers. They are nice isn't it :)

Agnes, thank you. But this year they are not doing well :(

Zue, I actual dah makan all the lettuces and for the tomato plants they are getting worst. If they die I might pull them out and plant something else.

Cat, plant lah tomato for your girls. I am sure they will get very excited seeing them grow from plant to fruits. They are really easy to take care. Just water them every other day.

Lianne, heirloom tomato taste so much sweeter and meatier than the normal tomato. Do try it out if you can find some :)

Ummi, thank you for adding me at FB. Hopefully I get to come home next year and we can continue our story :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, the kaffir lime plant is doing so well under your care. Hope the one that you are "fostering" is doing just as well.
I found an international supermarket tha sells kaffir leaf...10 for 290 yen...I'm so happy!
You certainly have a green thumb!


Salt N Turmeric said...

As usual im so jealous of your and Zue's kebun. I dah give up tanam tomato or chili. lol. Hopefully my limau kasturi and kunyit survive. Im seriously thinking if i shud even try planting ginger so tht i can get bunga kantan. lol. Eh bunga kantan is fr ginger right? hahaha.

ICook4Fun said...

SC, the other kaffir lime is not doing as well and the leaves were yellow. Maybe the plant is missing you :) Hopefully it will turn green again soon. Hope to see you soon.

Farina, thank you. Too bad I have to plant everything in the pots. Wish I can rent some land to plant all my veggies. By the way bunga kantan is different from our normal ginger. Bunga kantan is called Torch ginger.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear!! lol

petite nyonya said...

wow, the tomatoes look so pretty! the heirloom ones look just like mini pumpkins, so cute. i'm not sure if this works to prevent yr tomatoes from rotting, but i read that you can make yr own organic pesticide to prevent any micro organism from attacking yr plants. there are 2 options: crush 1-2 pips garlic & mix with a cup of water or 1 tsp baking soda with a cup of water. these can be used to spray yr plants. good luck!

ICook4Fun said...

Nyonya, thank you. Thanks for the tips and I am going to spray them once it stop raining.

butterfingers said...

Hi ICook4Fun,

I know that I am way too late, but you may be growing tomatoes again this year, and, have you found the solution? Maybe you are already aware, but in case not, I find this website helpful - It is a BBC gardening magazine website.

From the look of the rot in your tomatoes, I think it could be "blossom rot". The result of insufficient water. You may be watering it daily but sometimes it need more than one wTering per day during fruiting season because the fruits are mostly water.

Your odd shape tomatoes have lovely colour. And I think over in USA you are spoilt for choice. Back we do not have so many variety of tomatoes.