Thursday, June 25, 2009

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping

My two sisters are here on vacation for 3 weeks. So, where have I taken them so far…no where except for shopping? Well, that is what they wanted to do. Actually this is the 3rd time they visit us here in PA so there is not too many places to take them. All they want to do is shopping. So far I took them to the factory outlet twice and also Marshall and HomeGoods. Just look at the things they bought. As usual both of them need to buy extra suitcases to lug all their loots home. Are they done with their shopping yet…..NO…………. more shopping next week ;)

Just look at all the stuffs they bought!

mmmmm I think I spent too much money ;)


Salt N Turmeric said...

macam tengah tengok bank balance aje rupa? hehehe.

Zue Murphy said...

Do they have to mail them back or still within the limit allowed on the plane? Clothing is quite heavy when add them up. But I am glad to hear they are having fun with you.

Yee said...

LOL That last pic is great- is she really checking out her receipt to see how much she spent?
that's some crazy shopping, huh? you go, girls!

ICook4Fun said...

Farina, kelakar when I tengok this picture. She must be thinking the amount of money she spent that day.

Zue, both of them came with one suitcase and one hand carry but went home with two new suitcases. They left some old clothing here and also two new winter jackets here. Beg dah overweight!

Yee, yeap two went crazy each time they visit. Everything to them is cheap.

Deana E said...


I came here from your food blog. found your hokkien mee recipe and hubby tried it. it is delish- just that we used udon.not sure where to get the noodle for hokkien mee but will look for it at the market.i understand, shopping in the states are wonderful.hope i can go there again.