Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Trip to Malaysia - Cont'd

I am so lazy to update this blog of mine. I just don’t have the mood since I came back. My entire joints still aches a lot and the medicine the doctor gave is not helping much with the pain and the cold weather didn’t help either. I have been reading online about this Chikungunya Fever which I suspect that I got from Malaysia. It said that the older you get the longer it will takes to heal.

I better continue posting some pictures of my trip home. My niece Amelia already starts complaining that I take too long to update my blog. Anyway, here are some pictures of the food I ate back home. Amelia, hope it won’t make you miss home too much ;)

The much awaited local Durian. It taste sooooooooooooooooo good.

Yong Tau Foo from Pudu

'Pun Choy'

The famous Cendol from Melaka

The famous chicken rice balls from Melaka

Dim Sum

Japanese Ramen Noodles


Mee Goreng Mamak from the Clubhouse

Western food from the Clubhouse

Nasi Campur from KLCC food court

Famous fried chicken from 'Wai Sek Kai' in Pudu

Fried Noodles from 'Wai Sek Kai' with lots of 'kerang'

Yau Char Kwai and other fried Chinese bread


Fresh Spring Rolls
After loading up all the food pictures I am feeling hungry now ;)


Cat Cat said...

And you said you didn't eat a whole lot... OMY, looking at that durian is killing me slowing, Gert.... Popiah oh Popiah... Where are you now???

ICook4Fun said...

Cat, I went home for over 7 weeks so I don't think that is a lot of food over that period of time. By the way, those are the food I ate before I got sick :) :)

Zue Murphy said...

I am drooling over the durian. I like the dark yellow one. Emm...I must look for it at the asian store this weekend.

Beachlover said...

wow!! all your delicious food make me drooling big time!! my god!! the yellow meat durian really look good!! Gert,I hear from my mom she go urut n shot from a Malay senshi(he is like bomboh),he also give my mom some pills .My mom told me she feel much better after seeing him..her legs not pain or tired like b4..this malaya chap perform surgery with his bare hands. the next day you can't see any scar at all.They all said he have black magic but it's cure your sickness or illness..

Ummi365 said...

laaaaaaaaamaaanya nak tunggu update gert.. ermm durian nampak sedap... yum yummy

elsie said...

hi, i am a malaysian not staying in malaysia, so 'evil' of you to post all those malaysian yummy food....hope u will recover soon from the 'chiku' fever. it is endemic here where i stay..take care and speedy recovery

Yatie_T said...

I also have been lazy to update my blog. Those yummylicious foods and durian makes me drools. Huhuhuhu.... I want some... huhuhu.

ICook4Fun said...

Zue, for me the white one taste better as it has a bitter sweet to it.

Lesley, I hope my joints won't be so painful once the weather get warmer. It is still very cold here.

Ummi, maaf..I ni malas sikit nak update.

Elsie, Thanks for stopping by and your comment. Where are you staying? Is there any special medicine which I can take to make the pain go away?

Yatie, bila you nak balik Malaysia? When you balik you can makan puas puas :)

elsie said...

hi Gertrude, i stay in Jakarta...i am not sure what will relieve the joint pains but chloroquine phosphate is said to help. the pain will stay on for up to 3 months or looooonger for those who are older. the good news is you are not likely to get it again as you will have the antibody for it..really hope the pain will go away soon.

ICook4Fun said...

Elsie, thanks for the info. I too hope the pain will go away soon. It's really painful especially when I get up in the morning.

Charmaine said...

Gert, I'm going to start making a list of food to eat when I'm back in KL in Oct. Unfortunately, only for 10 days. I think I better get to the gym more often to lose some before adding on. Hope you get better soon. The beautiful spring flowers should life your spirits.

Laracroft74 said...

so weirdla Gert..took sooo long for you to recover...why dont you do a blood test and ask the doctor to check if there's any viral infection...

btw...now you make me craving for durianla!!!!

Dawn said...

These food pics just makes want to get back to M'sia soonner! how much I yearn for popiah!

Hope you feel better soon.

ICook4Fun said...

Charming, thank you. Yea I am so looking forward to spring. Don't worry about diet. Eat all the yummy food in KL and then diet after you go back to Australia :)

Laracroft, I pun tak tahu lah. Why it took so long to recover. Tahu lah I dah tua so it takes longer to heal :)

Dawn, thank you. Are you going back to Malaysia this year?

linli said...

i'm a singaporean in pennsylvania.. this food looks sooooo good!! really miss asian food :) came across ur blog while searching for green tea sponge cake recipes ;)

Anonymous said...

any updates coming ?