Thursday, March 19, 2009

What I did In Malaysia

I didn't do too much during my trip home. It was such a relaxing trip for me. I spent a lot of time with my family. Here are some of the pictures of what I did for many weeks there.

With the hot weather we like to spent hours in the pool.

Teaching the kids how to make Ondeh Ondeh.

We went for cycling. I didn't cycle for over 30 years and I nearly forgot how to do it :)

We went fishing too.

And also feeding the fishes at the lake.

Stay tune for more pictures of the food I ate and also my trip to Melaka


Salt N Turmeric said...

Eating great food and spending time with nieces and nephews must be a bliss! I envy you Gert. Hopefully Id be able to do tht come raya. :)

Zue Murphy said...

You seems to have a good time with your family. I will love swimming in the pool but not so much on cycling or fishing. But having the family around is the best of all. Am I right?

Ummi365 said...

waiting for more pictures!

My Asian Kitchen said...

Gert,pass your talent cooking nad baking skill to your generation huh? that good!! can't wait for summer looking at the pool's so relaxing there..

Anonymous said...

Patch went in the water ?? o_O


ICook4Fun said...

Farina, it was a bliss. I was so sad to leave. The next time I see them semua dah besar besar. If not for the long flight I will go home every year to see them :( Hope you can go back for raya this year.

Zue, I was in the pool for a few hours. It was nice in the hot and humid weather. The best of part of the trip is spending time with family.

Ummi, how are you doing? Tunggu yea for more pictures :)

Lesley, only one or two show some interest. I hope they remember what I thought them :) Yea hope we get warmer weather soon.

Amelia, ha ha ...yea he did but he was so scare of the water. He was shivering all the way. Ann got to carry him on her shoulder all the time :)

Cat Cat said...

Wow Gert, your sister's house got swimming pool ya... Aisey, should have known earlier lah... Boleh bawa my kids to swim - FOC... Hehe.

ICook4Fun said...

Cat, the pool is at my brother's (Stephanie Dad) house. My sister house also has a pool but that one is a common pool for the residents.

Family First said...

I never get to do all this .. although I live here .. sob sob. Holidays are good no matter where they are .. but better with family.

Rose world said...

hi there! must be a wonderful trip back here, meeting and do catching up with families and friends! :)

yeah, with the weather in Msia, I feel like going to swimming pool everyday. Very hot!

ICook4Fun said...

Family First, to me family is everything so it feels good to be with them.

Rose, yes it is :)