Thursday, November 27, 2008


Our thanksgiving is a small family affair. I prepared a 10 pound turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, roasted potatoes, agar agar , and baked some dinner rolls and a pumpkin pie. Started cooking and baking from 8.00am and we had our meal around 4.00pm. Man, I was tired but am glad that everyone enjoyed the delicious meal.

This year the turkey turn out pefect. Nicely brown still moist and juicy on the inside.
Bread stuffing
Roasted potatoes

Green bean caserole

Freshly baked dinner rolls

Homemade pumpkin pie


After the heavy meal we are all geared up for Black Friday shopping. Stay tune to see what we bought.


Beachlover said...

wow! Gert,you cook alots of food too.I like your dinner roll and agar agar,so nicely done.Yes,we making everything ourself,no wonder so tired ..OMG!! I was tired and busy for the last few days. today again go shopping,cooking and etc..MIL here.Neck ,head and back also pain..aiyooo..must be old liao..waiting to see your shopping result!

ICook4Fun said...

Lesley, I was cooking from 8.00am till 3.00pm. I was dead tired after that :) I've been doing nothing but sleep since yesterday!

Rita Ho said...

Beautiful presentation, Gert, especially the pie. Must plan to invite myself to one of your Thanksgiving dinners in future. LOL!

ICook4Fun said...

Rita, you are most welcome to our house anytime. You can come for New Year, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Chinese New Year and even Hari Raya :)