Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Day To Remember

Today, on the 5th of November I am happy to be in America to be witness of this American history. Yeah....something unbelievable has happened. It has brought about renewed feelings of hope in the hearts of everyone in the world. During his victory speech I shed some tears, along with millions of spectators who either watched him live on stage in Chicago or on TV like me. I have such an overwhelming pride for this black-American man who has made it this far. His arrival at the helm of the US Presidency has brought change to a country which really needs lots of doses of that.

I wish him and his VP all the best in the next four years - hoping that the changes he promised especially ones that affect the world in general, shall come.

Congratulations Barack Obama, Mr. President-Elect!


Beachlover said...

Yes We Can! I was following the election for many many months and now I still looking forward to see his change.I recalled the first time I heard his speech I was impressed.His so articulated,smart ,intellegant,charisma and well spoken.I understand 70% ppls of the world outside US support Obama as President.Isn't great that he can break a colorblind which in Malaysia you can't see this is going to happen anytime soon.So sad..Well,maybe Malaysia need 221 years to see this happened!

Anonymous said...

Tell Carlos we'll have to get together again soon.Eat,drink and be merry .... won by a landslide.....he can't be any worse than the present dickhead(xcuse my hokkien).

Beach,I hear ya. Sounds a little far fetch but hopefully sooner than 221 years:).

Sorry Gert,didnt mean to use your blog as a mediator.


ICook4Fun said...

Lesley, I hope to see changes in Malaysia in my lifetime but I doubt :(

Lee, don't worry about it. You are always welcome to put your comment here :) Yea, I knew he will win but didn't expect the huge of a margin :) Glad the dickhead will be gone soon.