Monday, August 4, 2008

Grill Pizza and Tomato Plants

One of my blog reader was asking to see my tomato plants the other day. So I am posting some latest pictures of it here.

The huge plant on the right just produce one fruits. Can you see it?

This is the one miserable fruit

This cherry tomato plant has given me quite a few fruits each week.

As for this plant it giving me over 50 tiny grape tomatoes a week. Look at how many fruits in a bunch.
This plants belong to my neighbor Nancy. Just look at the size of her plant and the amount of tomatoes she got there. I am so jealous of her plants. Anyway, I got to take care of it as I water it for her everyday.

Just look at all the fruits!!
Over the weekend we were trying out something new. We made fresh 'Grill Pizza' It turn out so good as the skin of the pizza were so crispy and it tasted so much better than the oven bake ones. No more bake pizza for us and from now on we are going to grill all our pizza.

Carlos went overboard with the toppings of tomato, prosciutto, olives, onions, salami, Swiss and mozzarella cheese.

Don't they look yummy!!


Kiersten said...

Cheese! Yummy Swiss cheese with holes! Nice! :)

Rita Ho said...

That is quite a good crop harvest, Gert. Congrats! My plants didn't survive and I dumped them yesterday without reaping a single tomato. Totally my fault, of course. LOL!

Salt N Turmeric said...

Gert, how come ur veggies always look pretty eventho ada 1-2? jealous i. eh how did u make the pizza dough? those look yummy!

Cat Cat said...

Now I know how to make pizza... Over the grill... Aha.... Those tomatoes are to die for, Gert... When do I have a chance to plant some tomatoes..???

Beachlover said...

Gert,yalor,Nancy tomato really look healthy!! Next year I'm going to get cherry tomato..I can bake my pizza on grill too soon.Eliot agree to get me a gas grill ..told him I dunno how to cook over charcoal grill..always burnt:( looking for affortable price and brand..your pizza really good especially cheesey part!!I'm sure Carlos are a good cook for pizza!!

ICook4Fun said...

Pinky, Carlos just love pizza and cheese :)

Rita, sorry about your plants. Maybe plant it again next year.

Farina, tomato senang tanam and don't need to much care. Next year you should buy a big container and taman some. I will send you the pizza dough recipe.

Cat, the pizza taste so much better from the grill. Just remember to brown one side first and then flip it over and then brush some oil on it and then put all the topping you want. Make sure the fire have to be really low if not the bottom of the pizza will be burn like we did :) We will do a better job the next time :)As for the tomato plants do plant some next year on big pots.

Lesley, I think gas grill is better than charcoal. At least you can control the heat better. Carlos is a Pizza Monster!! Yeah, you should plant some cherry tomato next year :)

Anonymous said...

hi there

baru ada kesempatan jenguk ur garden,besau jugak pokok tomato tu kan..sonok tgk

Tie said...

Wow..I really envy your tomatoes.. I used to plant really grows well. Maybe I'll start planting the cherry tomatoes ..its not too heavy for the plants.

Zue Murphy said...

Gert, your cherry tomato is abundant. geram tengok. That grill pizza looks good with lots of cheeze. My grill semua jadi sawang ajer kat luar tu:-( Entah bila nak guna balik.

ICook4Fun said...

Kesum, I trim the top often kalau tidak lagi besar :) Pokok besar tapi tak banyak buah.

Tie, you are right. For me the Cherry tomato is easier to grow.

Zue, you geram tengok my cherry tomato and I geram pulak see all your big big tomatoes. You should start using your outdoor grill :)