Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Busy Weekend

I had a really busy weekend as Zue came over to our house. She stayed for a night. The two of us went for shopping and as usual I bought a lot of kitchen stuffs from Ross. That is my favorite place to shop for kitchen stuff. I end up buying all the cute kitchen gadgets for my sister Elizabeth new house and some clothing for myself. After that we had Indian food for lunch.

The next day we went out again to a few places and later busy preparing for our evening BBQ. Yes, we had BBQ again and this time we didn't grill pizza but we grill steak, hot dogs, sausages, chicken drumstick and corn. I forgot to take a picture of our BBQ.

It's so nice to have the company of Zue and her husband Murphy and also Diana and her BF Robin. Two of them will be leaving for England and Paris this evening for two weeks long vacations. Kids now are so lucky. Get to fly here and there for vacation. Hope they remember to bring home some Macaroons for us.

P/s I can't load up any picture because something is wrong with my server. Its sooooo slow. Not sure if it is my server or blogger problem.


Salt N Turmeric said...

Gert, u really have a busy summer this year ya? ;)

NorthBorneoGirl said...

Wow you had a great time! .. I love Ross too! .. was there everyday when I was in Cali for two weeks .. hehehe

Zue Murphy said...

Gert, each time I want to snap a picture with my cell phone while you and Carlos were bbqing, always someone blocking my view.plus I was glued to your big screen TV on those murder show.hehehe. Yes, you sure like to shop and I enjoy going out with you. I love the Indian restaurant we went. The dosai, goat meat and sweet dessert were my favorite.next time you kena bagi I belanja. i will see you again next weekend.

ICook4Fun said...

Farina, I too notice I am really busy this summer :) Every weekend pun busy. Next week nak ke New York pulak ha ha...

Envy, you too like Ross :) I can't get enough of the store. Sometime I had to control myself not to step in there.

Zue, can you can get show on your tv channel? The pix we took pun gelap gelap jugak. Do you mind if I put the pix of you and murphy here? Ok next time the meal is on you :) :)