Thursday, March 4, 2010

It has been a while.

It is over a month since I last update this neglected blog of mine. As some of you might know I am in Malaysia now and having a great time with my family. Before you know it I will be flying back to US soon. I am hoping that I can extend my flight ticket for a another 2 weeks but when I called Cathay this morning they told me that all their flights are full all the way until end of April. Man, they must be the only airline who is doing well in this bad economy. So now I am on their waiting list and if it goes well I will be flying out of here on the 22nd and if not I will be flying out of KLIA on the 8th as schedule. The reason I am extending my stay is my mom will be having cataract surgery on her eye and I like to be around during that time to take care of her for a few days before flying home. So keep my fingers cross that I will get to stay.

In the meantime I’ve taken tons of pictures in Malaysia to share with you but have yet to find the time to sit down and do it. Maybe when I am back to the US soil. Take care everyone and will keep you posted on the latest on my flight.


Rose world said...

Hi! it is nice to hear you are back in Malaysia. Enjoy your stay. I guess you have been eating a lots of Malaysian food huh?

Wishing your mum have a smooth surgery and a quick recovery.

Shereen said...

You better find out if your flight to US with cathay is direct to US without any stopover in Canada(vancouver,I think).My brother got stranded for 3days in KL as the flight that he was supposed to take got that stopover and Cathay never advised him and therefore he got no visa to enter Canada.
Hope that the surgery your mom will be having goes on smoothly.You take care,ya.

ICook4Fun said...

Rose, thank you.

Sis,thank you and yes this flight will have a stopover at Vancouver for 80 min but it is ok. I am a greencard holder so I don't need a visa. I will be flying home as schedule on the 8th.

Zue Murphy said...

Gert, hope your mother's surgery went well. I am sorry that you will have to leave early and miss to be by her side. I'll call you when you are back here. Have a save trip.