Friday, August 28, 2009

Peach Picking

Autumn is drawing near and it is time to pick some sweet local peaches. Diana and I went to Highland Orchard about 15 minutes drive from home. The day was cloudy but for me it was just perfect. We went really early to avoid the crowd and when we arrived we were the only one there. We had the whole farm to ourselves. One thing about fruit picking is you’ll feel like you’re a kid all over again. The feeling of seeing all those ripe fruits on the trees were awesome! They provide us with a box to put our peaches and it got filled up pretty fast and we had endless peaches as we picked (yes you can eat as much as you want while you pick. They are the juiciest peaches I've ever had. It was so juicy that you have to stand over the sink when devouring them. I found out that pick your own peaches were much cheaper then the supermarket peaches. I paid $1.99 a pound at the supermarket and over her I paid only $1.49.

After a couple of hours at the farm we picked around 15 pounds of peaches, with a dozen of apple cider donuts and a few slices of cakes it cost us less than $28.00. Next will be apple picking in November

We had the whole farm to ourselves!

mmmm let me try this first!

Wow, it's juicy!

Let me take another big bite.

Me as usual busy taking photos.

Wow, lots of peaches. Better start picking.

All the ripe and big ones are so high up on the trees.

Let see if I can reach that.

Yes, I got it.

mmmmm is it ripe yet?

Do you think I am to reach those fruits?

Yeap, I got it!

Are these good?

I think there is an insect bite on it.

Enough for the day.

Off we go.

Man, this is heavy!!

We made a quick stop at the raspberry farm but the fruits were too small for us to pick. So off we go.

Look at the size of the peach. There are huge.

Now I got to think of what to do with all those peaches. Maybe Peach Cobbler, Peach Pie, Peach butter?


SueSue said... nice if we have peach farm here. Here is so expensive to get one peach from Cold Storage.

Zue Murphy said...

I told Murphy about your trip and he asked what are you going to do with all of those peaches. I said to Murphy that you surely will make one of your signature fruit pie. Emmm...those juicy peaches look so yummy. I was at Giant earlier with my MIL and we could not buy any peaches. They are not as good looking or as big as your peaches.

Beachlover said...

Gert,your peaches really look big and pretty!!Now you remind me about fruit picking season...Maybe I will bring Mishu to our local farm for apple and peach picking tommorrow!

ICook4Fun said...

Sue, come and visit me lor so we can go and pick fruits together :)

Zue, peaches kat Wegman's and produce junction semua cantik cantik. I still have a few fruits kat fridge. Have to think of what to do with them next.

Lesley, I am sure Mishu is love picking all the fruits.

Charmaine said...

Gert, those peaches look so luscious... can wait for stone fruit season to start here.

Benny said...

ooo..make peach jam..or stewed peaches..served with a big dollop of fresh cream..:P~~~ yummmy...I love peaches..cant wait for peaches and nectarines to be in season over here. :)

Sabrina Woon said...

Awww. Nana jie jie is so pretty already. ask her if she remembers me? :)

ICook4Fun said...

Charmaine, is summer there in Aust and I am sure there are plenty of peaches now :)

Benny, thanks for stopping by and for the tips :)

Sabrina, of course Nana remembers you. She always remember carrying you around when you were young :)

Sabrina Woon said...

awwwww. :D :D thats great. she is very pretty now. how old is she now ?