Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Hunt Is Over!!!

Phew!!! We finally found the sofa we wanted. It's the right size, right material, right color but not the right price. It's a bit more than what we wanted to pay. We've have looking for the sofa for the past few months. We went to Delaware, New Jersey and even in California but some of them are too expensive, not the right color, way too huge and chunky or not the right material. The ones that we like were like was $6,000.00 which I think it was crazy. We found a very nice set at Plummer's in CA but the company don't do out of state delivery. Carlos even thought of renting an UHaul and hauls it back to PA. I think he is crazy.

Let me tell you all something about my husband. He is really fussy when comes to buying furniture. It's has to be something that he likes, the right leather, the right size, the right price and most important it has to be comfortable. This time I was surprise and still am that he let me choose the color I like. But one thing for sure he has very good taste when come to choosing furniture. For me, as long as it's comfortable and not too expensive it will be good enough for me. I guess is typical of women. We always watch the money part ;)

Finally we found the right set at Macy's. We should have check there first to save all headache and trouble and not to mention the expensive gas money. Macy is just 10 minutes drive from our house.

Let me show you some of the pix I took at Macy's. Can you guess which set we bought? I just can't wait to sit on it but we have to wait till the 1st week of August for the delivery. Now, how are we going to get rid of the old sofa? Any takers??


Salt N Turmeric said...

Congrats Gert & Carlos! carlos memang sejibik (thts how my frens and i say it!) macam michael. dia yg lebih2 when it comes to furnitures. u macam i, apa2 hal even when i like it but if its expensive, tolak tepi. hehe.

Macys memang has very nice furnitures but pricey. look wise, i like the 1st 1 but not sure if the neck part is comfy.

The red one is nice too but i think its too small for ur place? (macam pernah pergi hehe)

But the orange one is the winner. for me lah. not too small or too big. if i have a big place, i mite choose tht one. ;)

Zue Murphy said...

I think yours is #3.but the last pic could fit nicely at your house. I like the dark brown.

Kiersten said...

I like the last pic best! Really funky colours, and looks good too.

NorthBorneoGirl said...

Oh Carlos and my dh is soooo alike! .. but hey they have good taste so tht's good :)
I like the second sofa .. although all of them look great! .. anyways the table in the first sofa will definitely match my sofa set in my basement living room area! .. wish I could get tht from Macy! ;)

Cat Cat said...

I like the cream one - 1st picture... Ada class... Is that the one you bought???

pearly said...

Gert dear :
weldone to both of you , I like the last one picture orange or terricoter ?this one u choice ??:P or the first one the cream one is look really lovely .

Beachlover said...

Gert,I think you get the black leather sofa!.easy to maintance!I like the cream color but it's really hard to keep clean .I also wanna to change our sofa but have to wait for next year:(

ICook4Fun said...

Farina, kadang kadang I pening when pergi shopping dengan Carlos. I 'chin chai' sikit tapi dia bukan main fussy. Ni tak cantik lah, itu tak cantik lah.. susah laki aku ni :)

Zue, set No 3 tu tak ada leather set so kita tak nak :)

Pinky, I too like the last set but too bad way to big for our TV/family room.

Envy, you like animal print? We had a very similar set 2 in our living room and its white so this time we choose another color :)

Cat, I too like the 1st set but too bad no arm rest :( so we bought the red one.

Pearly, I too like the terracotta one but too bad way too big for our family room.

Lesley, no lah.. never like black. Feel hot sitting on it ha ha ha.. you are right. Getting a dark color is easier for us to clean :)