Thursday, June 26, 2008

California Vacations II

We woke up really early the next day around 3.00am. I guess it's the change of time and also we missed our bed and pillows. We were trying so hard to get some sleep. Finally we got up and make ourselves some coffee, go online and also watch some TV. It's another fun and easy day for us. We decided to visit the Orange County Market Place at Costa Mesa. Orange County Market place is the biggest swap meet in the County. It is in the parking lot of the Orange County Fair grounds. More than 1,100 vendors selling everything from fresh produce to homemade jewelry to thing you have seen on TV. It is so fun to walk up and down the aisles looking at the all wares. The admission price is just $2.00 and this place only open Saturdays and Sundays from 8am to 4pm.

This place is huge and you need the whole day just to cover everything. We used to come here every 2-3 month to stock up our toiletries, perfume and also fresh produce. We even got ourselves a cart as there is no way we are able to carry everything in our hand and trying to cover the whole place. I wish to have this kind of market in PA.

Here are some random shots I took when we were there.
This is what we came here for. Carlos bought so many bottle of Paco & Cool Water

This guy sounds like Nat King Cole

Undergarments, anyone?
They even had a booth to register aspiring actors and models.

All kinds of apron for the chef

Smart car, anyone?
What about pets?
What about a Porsche. That is Carlos dream car. He used to own one of this a long time ago :)

What about a House?

I was in heaven looking at all these fresh strawberries. Dirt cheap too!! We paid $3.99 for a box

This is for $7.99 a box. How can you beat that?

After that we went for our favorite juicy burger at 'Carl's Jr'


Cat Cat said...

Did you get yourself an apron..?? Those strawberries are indeed very tempting... Bulat-bulat & besar-besar.. Hehe.

Kiersten said...

The apron looks good. Is there one with 'Kiss the cook'? You should get that...hehehe. The fruits all look so tempting. :)

Beachlover said...

The fair is really huge and alot of variety stores..Wish I can find one like that here in LI.

ICook4Fun said...

Cat, I did get myself an apron that said "Good Cooks never run out of friends!" he he... yea the strawberries were so HUGE, SWEET and JUICY. I am still dreaming of it now :)

Pinky, I didn't get that one :)

Lesley, I too wish we have this kind of place here in PA :(

Dee said...

Are those pets real? They look like toys! In any case, YES! I want one!!!

Zue Murphy said...

Seems like you had a great time shopping at the place. Those fruits look so juicy. I want that box of cherries nad mango. Well, I'll take that burger too minus the bacon if any.

Anonymous said...

Strawberries and cherries are 2 of my favorible fruits but both are really pricey here in HK. I remembered I bought a box of cherries home from S.F. years ago which costed me a few USD for 1kg but here costs USD5/lb. If I go to this market, I will buy a few boxes of each, make jam, juice, cake, ice cream, etc.