Sunday, March 30, 2008

Manayunk - PA

Weather was beautiful yesterday so Carlos and I decided to go to Manayunk (pronounced at ManEyak) in PA. Is about 45 minutes driving from our house. Manayunk is a neighborhood in the northwestern section of the city of Philadelphia, and is located on the banks of the Schuylkill River, it contains the first canal begun in the United States (although not the first completed due to budget problems). The name Manayunk came from the language of the Lenape Indians and they referred to the Schuylkill River as "Manaiung". Manaiung is the Lenape word for river which literally translates as "place to drink". You can read about the history of Manayunk here.

We just walk around, looking at some of the stores, having coffee and lunch there and also trying to find a new sofa set for our family room. Here are some of the pictures I took when we were there.

The famous Schuylkill River

Some of the old buildings there

Mural on the wall

Manayunk Brewing Company over look the river

Some of the beautiful tiles we saw from the tiles store

It was just too bad we can't find the sofa we like but nevertheless we had a wonderful time walking around, enjoying the food and people and most of all being together.


Rita Ho said...

Hi Gert ... Manayunk looks like a quaint little town, rich in history. I love visiting places like these too, especially chatting with the locals.

Is it famous for producing furniture?

I am glad you're getting good weather. We had 7 inches of snow yesterday. Can you believe it? It's already spring!!

Kiersten said...

Wow...the weather looks lovely! No more snow, eh? I like Manayunk. It looks like a cosy little town. Would love to visit it one day.

Ummi said...

I like the town macam sunyi dan aman je. I love those tiles.. bole bawa balik msia tak rasanya? Nak gi sana nak beli banyak2.

Cat Cat said...

A dinner at that Brewing Company would be nice, kan..??? By the river watching sun set... Very nice. We too, need to get out of the house sometime..

Salt N Turmeric said...

Gert, among other things tht i miss in PA is the old buildings. Theyr practically everywhere kan?


ICook4Fun said...

Rita, it is a very old town and all the building there are so old :) Is not a furniture town but they do have a few stores there. How is the weather there like now? We are having spring like weather here which it's nice :)

Pinky, snow is all gone. The next time you come here we can visit there :)

Ummi, I think it will be too heavy to carry all those tiles home :)

Cat, we wanted to have lunch there but it was closed. I am sure the scenary is very nice in the evening. Should go there one evening :)

PJ, kat PA here there are a lot old buildings :)

Rita Ho said...

Today's weather is great, Gert. Sun shining bright but air is cool, slght breeze. Typical spring in Seattle. :)

I just remember your tiled outdoor table that Carlos made. Did he get the tiles from Manayunk?

Zue Murphy said...

Nice scenery. I hope you will find your sofa soon.

ICook4Fun said...

Rita, glad that the weather in Seattle is nice. Actually we got the tiles from Home Depot. Now we know where to get it if we need some fancy tiles :)

Zue, is not easy to find a suitable sofa. You know lah Carlos tu really fussy when comes to furniture. Ini tak betul itu tak betul. Pening I di buatnya :)