Sunday, January 13, 2008

My Little Adventure

I did something really stupid this morning. I locked myself out of the house. I was in the mid of cooking some stew. When the stew was simmer away I decided to go outside to get the newspaper and also to get rid of the dead bunny’s Remember the bunny's that ate all my flowers and my tomatoes. Well, found him dead last night right in front of my garden. So this morning I wanted to get rid of it.

We normally don’t lock the door from the garage to the house but since Carlos was away I locked it last night. As usual I had this habit of pulling the door close each time I went out through the garage. Once I pulled the door I remember I forgot to lift the lock up. Oh..noooooooooo what am I going to do. The stew was simmering away on the stove and I can’t get in. All kinds of scenarios ran through my head. What if I burn down the house or the smoke alarm went off or the sprinkle system turns on? So I ran to my good neighbor Nancy and see if she can help. The first thing she said was let’s just call the cops. I was like ‘What’ shouldn’t we call the locksmith? She said the cops will know what to do.

In a matter of 5 min 3 very handsome policemen came. Gosh, there were good looking. Just like those cops we saw in the movies. As usual they took down my name, address, phone number and even date of birth. Now, I had a record with the local police station :( they were trying to figure out how to open the door without damaging anything. First,one of them tried using the credit card method. Nothing happen. Then they asked if is ok to break down the door. I told them to go ahead. Fixing the door is better than burning the house down. After a few slam of his body into the door it OPENS. I was so Happy. First thing I did was run to the kitchen to turn off the stove. Lucky there were still a bit of water left in the kettle.

Look at that poor door :( Actually I was so tempted to ask the policemen to pose for a picture so I can blog about them but after thinking about it better not. They might think I am up to no good :) :)

I am really thankful to the Downintown policemen who came to my rescue. Actually this was not the first time I called on them. I once lock myself out of my car with the engine and A/C running. How clever of me, right. Well, that is another story to tell you one day :) I think I have to give my neighbor a set of my house keys and also my car key. Just in case I lock myself out again. I wonder why this always happen when Carlos is away so he can't come to my rescue. Wait till he comes home and I tell him the story. I am sure he will shake his head. Sorry sweetie, you have to fix the door now . It is better than burning the house down :) :)

Note : I just spoken to Carlos on the phone and he asked me to stay at home, stay put and don't do anything or go anywhere until he gets home tonight. I guess he is scare that his wife might get into troubles again ..ha ..haa By the way, I am going to Micheal's and JoAnn :) :)


Beachlover said...

OMG!! are "tai tau har" like me!!..that why I hang all my key over my neck when I leave home.I also hide a key under some plant incase,you know la,like your case.I suggest to Elliot to hand over our home key to our neighbour but he disagree.It's not we have harta benda in the house he afraid his precious"stuffs"hilang.I would suggest you have spare key hide somewhere at your plant ,is not bcoz you don't trust your neighbour,but who know if anything really happen,your house still belonged to you even you deny you have nothing to do with it.Just precaution..I think I listen to Elliot theory too much..hahaha!!.I hope you're OK now.Hmmmmm...Micheal..I'm thinking going to AC Moore like Micheak,they have Wilton's product at 40% off!!..but still seating watching football at home:))..Hurry up,go to make another spare key..

stay-at-home mum said...

Wah! Handsome policemen! Let me lock myself out!

Cat Cat said...

Wow, luckily ada handsome policeman came to rescue you... Do they look like the policeman in the TV series "Chips"?

Yeah, I agree with beachlover. Better not let your neighbor have the keys... What you can do (just like us) is don't lock on of your upstair window. If you locked yourself out again, boleh climb thru the window and get in the house... Of course, don't tell people which windown lah... We always have one window upstair unlock..

Rita Ho said...

Gert ... Install a pet door. I've locked myself out twice and just crawl through the door. Haha!

It sounds like your relationship with Nancy is quite solid, so letting her have a key is a good idea. After all, that is what you would do should you & Carlos travel far in future and need her to house-sit. We do the same with our neighbor who looks after Lola when we are away.

You also have a soft spot for men in uniform, huh? Did you offer them some stew? Haha!

Rita Ho said...

I forgot to ask, do you know what killed the bunny??

ICook4Fun said...

Beachlover, I am famous of being a 'tai tau har' ha ha.. we have A.C Moore too. Right across our house :) I just bought a 8" round baking pan with 50% discount at JoAnn :) :)

Stay-at-home Mum, I told hubby the same thing and thanks for dropping by :)

Cat, the policemen lagi handsome than those guys in Chips. Just imagine George Cloney, James Denton and Jesse Metcalfe in uniform. Upstairs window is too high to clim lah and we had a screen to it to so can't break in either :)

Rita, Nancy and us are good friends :) Actually the policmen did said whatever you are cooking sure smell good but I didn't offer them any. Maybe I will bake them some cookies and bring it to them later :) :) Hope they don't consider this as bribe :) I saw some injuries on the bunny's back leg but not sure what was the cause of it. Maybe some fox got him.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, policeman yang kacak??? Let me check if we have one too in KS.

Salt N Turmeric said...

i didn kno u can actually called the cops incase of locking urself out. good to know gert! i guess its cheaper to fix the door urself than paying for those locksmith to come ya?

i too am always paranoid abt locking myself out of the hse and twice we locked ourselves out. thank god both times michael was home and we had the sliding door open so he just climbed up the balcony. he on the other hand, dunno how many times locked himself out of the car when hes at work!

p.s. good idea baking them some cookies. nothing wrong w being nice to them cops. ;)

Geraldine said...

Gert, you are so funny. I presume you were decently dressed. I always wonder if people actually get locked out of their house in their towel or undies like how we see on commercials.

I always worry about getting locked and you shd see me checking to see if I have my keys with me. Sometimes before I walk 5 steps away from my car, I would have checked my keys 3 times..

Glad your house didn't burn down. Do take photos of those cops when you give them your cookies..

Kiersten said...

Fuyoh, damsel in distress, rescued by some very good-looking men in uniform! I salute you! Reading your story put a smile on my lips. What an adventure!

Too bad here in Malaysia the cops won't be able to help much. What more to encounter handsome ones. Forget it man.

What happened to the stew?

ICook4Fun said...

Choy, are you going to lock yourself out of the house too :) :)

PJ, I pun macam you jugak. People here will call the police on anything. Normally they don't do things like this but because I had something cooking on the stove so dia orang takut nanti rumah terbakar. So don't go calling on the cops just because you lock yourself out of the house :) :)

JOAT, that is a good question. Actually I was in my PJ but lucky is winter and I had a heavy jacket on when I went out :)I am so paranoid now..I keep checking for my keys and lock before Ieave the house.

Pinky, I don't think our police back home do this :) :) Nothing happen to the stew. Still good :)

Unknown said...

Luckily everything is fine now.:)I also can't believe it when the firefighters when to my in law house.They are totally handsome and when I talked to them I was very nervous..Like you said they really look like the actors in the movie..LOL!

Ummi said...

Glad that you and the house are safe.. kalau tak nanti gert tak update makanan yang sedap2. Tapi kan kadang2 kalau nak jadi tu jadi jugakkan walaupun kita rasa dah extra careful..i pun selalu kena.. bila tengah buat benda tu and my firasat telling me "hey something bad will happen" and it was too late because you just did it a few seconds ago..

Sue said...

Hi! First time here I think..hehe..wah..luckily you got in just in time... anyway, nice blog..will be back..cheers!

NorthBorneoGirl said...

I used to be paranoid about locking myself out of the house .. let me rephrase tht I am STILL paranoid about locking myself out of the house ! anyways never thought about calling the police though .. now I know :)
Well glad tht you are okay and your house is still standing .

ICook4Fun said...

Sweetiepie, yeah, they are sure good looking :)

Ummi, ha ha... normally I am very careful about all this tapi kadang kadang over careful that is why ini terjadi :) Shouldn't have lock the door when I went to bed the night before :)

Sue, thanks for stopping by. Yeah, can't imagine what is going to happen if the policment didn't come :)

Envy, I am going to hide my house keys somewhere so if it happens again I know how to get into the house :)Lesson learn, no more cooking on the stove when I am going out of the house to get something.